On Globe Visibility:

I’ve read some reviews on the service and it’s been mixed so far – some people complaining that it’s useless for the price and that it is greatly inferior to the fixed internet offers by Globe. Most of these were early on in the introduction phase of the service, and I haven’t seen any much more recent feedback.

Since I needed internet connection I can lug around and not just use at home, I decided to take a chance with it. I chose the 60 hour plan for P999 which I know is quite pricey, but I really didn’t need the unlimited fixed internet at the same price because I only go online from home on weekends. Visibility fit my needs as I spend longer hours at work and I can limit my online addiction by scrimping a time budget on internet usage.

I’ve been advised by the Globe CS at their wireless centers – Visibility is a gamble, because not all areas have strong 3G signals. However, they assured me that the USB modem supplied by Huawei, is very sensitive to signals, and they are much stronger than the receivers for mobile phones. Here at home, I rarely get HSDPA when using my N95 8GB as modem, and even less when using my mom’s N70, so it was a worry for me of sorts.

So far, nearly two weeks in, I am not disappointed – constant HSDPA speeds of up to around 180-240 KB/s in stormy weather, 200-300 KB/s in clear weather, and consistent HSDPA availability. I was able to download 5MB files for my updates in just under 2 minutes, 20MB installers in less than ten minutes and super fast YouTube viewing – rarely stops to buffer content.

It sure beats my old SmartBro fixed internet by leaps and bounds.

Again, this review is to be taken with a grain of salt – Globe has told me that it may vary from place to place, but it should be fairly okay within Mega Manila.

So far, Globe scores 5 for 5 for this great mobile internet service.


On Globe’s iPhone Plans

Ridiculous. Apple offers this up for USD199 (roughly PHP9,000) or so everywhere else and we have to fork over a minimum of PHP16,800 for the 8GB flavor on top of a subscription starting at PHP1,600?

I’d rather go the iPod Touch 32GB route and spend the money on all those marvelous games and apps at the App Store. Granted that the plan gives free wi-fi hours at WIZ hotspots and free mobile internet hours, the total cost of ownership is just too much.

No HSDPA compatibility, no video call and MMS, and finally internal batteries are just glaring fails for the pricing point handed over to us. I didn’t see any capability for it to be used as a modem, and in order to do so, there’s some pretty complex stuff to do for non-tech people that will probably void the warranty.

And PHP 41000++ for prepaid? No, thank you.

I’m no Apple hater – it’s just that many hail this device as a Nokia slayer. In many levels, it is, but simply put, it’s still no Nokia – simple enough to address most needs that we have. In the things we don’t need, it has so much sexy points, but for the basics, it just fails on most.


On Running

I think I’m getting better.

I’ve broken 40 minutes for five kilometers for the last three weeks with 37’s and 36’s.

In between runs, my legs don’t hurt as much. I feel great with all the sweating, movement and speed – I’ve been doing sustained sprints of 400-500m for my last lap and it feels great to find your limits and testing them.

The thing is, I need to work on my distance and pace, and it’s in that area where I miss my beautiful one during training. She helps me keep a constant pace – she runs consistent paces, while I tend to speed up and slow down. I love training with her because I enjoy catching up with her as we run, and we’re doing something we both want and enjoy.

So yeah, I think I’m getting better :p

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