It’s 2:12 AM.

One of the things I haven’t done in quite a while is touch base with my mom. We’ve always talked before about anything and everything, but the busy past few months have sort of left us to just talking about the house, finances and other finicky basic stuff about the worries of life. We talked about family, politics and the country’s sad state over a documentary prying more closely over the mysteries behind Ninoy Aquino’s murder 25 years ago and shared thoughts and opinions.

It felt great and it felt really wonderful to find myself engaging my mother in conversation. Years ago, I would have been hushed by them for trying to talk with matters only adults would be engaging in. (I found it utterly useless, why they do that.)

So all that got me wired and now I’m having trouble sleeping.

Good thing my beautiful one’s still up, savoring the long weekend by staying up late and here we are, doing are not-as-often-as-before YM-‘babad’. Unlike other couples who stay up late and keep each other company over the phone, we choose to YM- we get to review what each other’s been saying, and we get to share links and videos and allow each other to multi-task. It’s really something great for me because I get to see the things that get her interested and I get to show her what interests me. It’s a deeper sharing than trying to describe in words (in other words, tamad kami mag explain – we just google and paste links instead of elaborate explanations).

So, we end up conversing – about how Ninoy’s death affects us as individuals, how it affects us now, how it makes real to her the feeling of losing someone in the family and how it makes me feel how Ninoy’s passion for the Filipino’s freedom now that I am more mature in thinking and age; about work and the issues we’ve encountered; about make-up and her amazingly great rice cream moisturizer, eye shadow and whether to get mascara; about my plans with my camera, getting a car and managing my money situation; and of course, food.

Which now brings me to what I really want to share (see- anyone who really knows me knows I have a penchant for long introductions) — Food to think about when you’re hungry, in bed, at 2AM:

Roast Pork and Chicken from Mamou

Steak from Melo’s

Funghi A’llerbe from Cucina Victoria

Pork Ribs from Rack’s

Aglio Al Rosmarino from Cibo

Seafood Platter from Manhattan Seafood Market in Bangkok

Pad Thai in Bangkok

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt in Bangkok

I’d better go to bed before I decide to put on a pair of running shoes and blaze off to the nearest food trip stop to sate my hunger.

Good night, Blog.

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