Even before the romance started, one of the common passions that the beautiful one and I share is eating. We would either talk about the food we love (over a meal!), or ask each other their favorite food places and their usual orders there, or simply just talk about the cuisine we love most and share as to where we can find them. Over the years, our late night exploits with our friends is a very simple formula – great food, conversation, and drinks (for anyone up to it).

As a couple, this is what usually eats up the excesses of our monthly budget for day-in, day-out expenses. We dine out whenever we want to feel good and relax – there’s a great feeling of satisfaction that a great plate of food brings, and it’s almost given that we find conversation pieces to share to one another when eating out together. On one night, we could be eating in a nice, cozy medium-priced place with good food, and on another we dine in a low-key yet fulfilling food haunt. It can sometimes hurt the wallet or be friendly to it, but spending for food really doesn’t leave one with too much buyer’s remorse, even on a bad choice of a dining destination.

Anyway, we both tried new budget dishes at Italianni’s GB2 the other night, and much to our satisfaction, they were great. The beautiful one had pasta and fish (my apologies for forgetting their names – rickety memory), while I had 2 big slices of grilled pork belly on pesto rice with honey and butter sauce. The pasta and fish needed a little extra parmesan cheese to bring out the flavor, but this is something we usually do to our pasta dishes – ask for extra cheese. The pork belly was a little bit fattier, but the texture, taste and tenderness was all good for me. It went well with the sauce and pesto rice and left me feeling that euphoric sense after eating a good slab of grilled meat. All in all, we spent less than Php 1000 on the food and drinks (around Php 930 was the exact figure, I think) which is a bit high but considering the quality of food and service (gotta love the free bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar), it was well worth it.

The great meal really left us feeling great after such a tiring and draining week. It’s the cheapest getaway that we could afford – and though it may not be as relaxing and effective as a vacation, a great dining experience gives you a momentary one.

Each of us has that special food place that makes us feel good and we’re glad we found our places.

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