I’m The King of the Road!

I’m the King of the Road!

No, I didn’t win the 2008 Adidas King of the Road 5K race, but I did finish with a new personal best, so I guess that counts for something.

Adidas gave us a fine singlet – ClimaCool shirts rock!

I’ve completed four races now – Mizuno Rush to Infinity, One La Salle Run, Robinson’s Buddy Run and King of the Road. This was my third 5K race because I ran 3K in the One La Salle race after they ran out of 5K race kits during registration.

My beautiful one – reduced to cheer leader due to ‘bad timing’. My inspiration and best supporter!

I was supposed to run with my beautiful one for this race – she had been looking forward to running this particular race because she wanted to improve her 57:55 benchmark set during the Buddy Run last July. Unfortunately, it was her first day and she also suffered a hip strain a week before the race and couldn’t train properly. She would’ve broken her personal best by a lot of time because she has been training in flat courses. So I felt bad she couldn’t run this one. But I made her a promise to break my personal best for her during the race and I was happy that she was able to come along and see it happen!

This was the toughest 5K I’ve ran so far. The weather was sunny and a tad hot, and even though the course was flat and easy, the absence of water stations made it tough for me. Since most of the 5K’s I’ve ran had water stops for the runners, I assumed there would be water on the course. This will probably serve me a lesson to bring my own water next race and never assume that the organizer will provide for everything. There were also no distance markers, but that was fine with me because I wanted to get used to running without being to conscious of how far I still needed to go.

My boss and running buddy Miss J – her first race after a minor injury.

The first part of the race was relatively running my usual slow start – I always wait for my legs to fully warm up before turning my gears up a notch. After the first kilometer, I increased my pace and ran the next two at my top non-sprint speed. When I realized there wasn’t any water stops, fatigue and thirst set in and spent the fourth kilometer run-walking. By the time I reached the last kilometer, I was struggling to maintain a steady run, really felt the thirst and felt my lips drying up. Then, I remember what my friends and running buddies Ivan and Miss J told me – finish strong! So I took whatever strength I had left and gave it everything I got from behind Serendra to the finish.

It was a great surprise when I saw the clock counting around 37 minutes. I was going to beat my personal best! So I sprinted the last 200 and crossed the finish to clock in at 37:30.

So, I may have not won the King of the Road – but I won against myself and again, proved Adidas right – that Impossible is indeed nothing!


Savory is back!

Better than Max’s in my opinion! Great tasting, juicy and savory chicken indeed!

My beautiful one treated me to lunch at Food Choices G4 last Thursday – it was my turn to choose and I chose Savory Chicken Classics. This was a childhood favorite – my mom and dad would always take home their fried chicken and pancit canton for me and my sister coming home from work. They withered away and closed down their big restaurants, but now they’re back and they still have the same chicken that has a unique blend and flavor, as well as the ever tasty pancit canton.

I’ve always told my beautiful one that this is one of the best tasting fried chicken in town, but I haven’t had the chance to get her to try because they’re no longer around. But now that they’re back, we jumped at the chance to try it and we weren’t disappointed.

Welcome back Savory and I hope that you guys stay on and keep the flavors the same!

2 thoughts on “I’m The King of the Road!

  1. really? better than max’s? we’ve always wanted to try Savory kaya lang naisip nga namin baka it’s the same ol’ chicken recipe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hehehe in my opinion lang. I find Max’s a bit dry and somewhat bland. Then again, maybe branch to branch basis ๐Ÿ™‚

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