These Shoes were Made for Running

Where to next?

I don’t wear them for style, or to make a fashion statement. I don’t worry if they don’t match the run apparel I wear. I don’t really care if you think they’re too orange for your comfort.

These shoes were made for running. And that’s what they and I do.

They only come in screaming, early warning Orange.

I love running in my New Balance 902’s. With them, I don’t worry about my feet – I just put them on, start running until I can, or the finish line, whichever comes first. They’re light, available in wide-toe configuration to give my feet a generous amount of breathing room, and soft on the heels and feet. The N-Lock system (the big N is not just a logo) and the laces make sure the fit is always constant – and they’ve never come undone for me – yet.

The N is more than just a brand and a marketing stunt – it serves a purpose.

I got them on sale at Planet Sports, and last time I checked New Balance Festival Mall, they were on sale at 50% off. If I had the money then, I would have bought a second pair purely for keeping in my office so I don’t have to lug my shoes around. And maybe another one for races…

Acteva soles – Light yet provides firm cushioning and support.

If you’re thinking about getting really nice running shoes, and not really squeamish about its screaming orange color, get a pair of these. They’re another reason to love running.

**Shameless plug: I’m thinking of running the New Balance race in Clark Air Base. It’s a 10K race on November 15 at 5:30 in the morning. I’ll try to train hard and focus on longer distances for this race and hopefully, I finish with a decent time. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “These Shoes were Made for Running

  1. @pareng ken – thanks for dropping by! hope i survive all my races :p@malmon – i just love running in them. hence me choosing to spread the ‘love’ out of the new balance campaign 😉

  2. idol! astig 🙂 i had a pair of new balance din from 2000-2004. they survived four years of gameplan. but i never ran for squat! you’re my idol! i wanna run, too! but i hate running. but i think it’ll do these smoker lungs good. got any tips for a newbie? mga routine eklavoo? hope you’re well. hugs!

  3. @cyberlaundry:thanks CJ! I just started running a tad bit seriously around May this year and these shoes really just made it much more bearable for me. As for starters and routines, I used < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this<> program to get started and I still use this to train myself in between races/run events. You’ve got a great advantage of having a home in AAV coz it’s absolutely the best place to run around with all the variety in the streets 🙂

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