Race Report – Takbong May Yabang @ AAV (5 and 10K)

How proud are we of our being Filipino? Lately, it seems that most of us want to get out of here, perceiving that our country is a sinking ship, no thanks to a number of leaders who put personal interest first above national interest. And with a grim picture being painted for the future, most Pinoys despair and hang their heads in surrender.

But then, there’s still those who believe that there is still some pride left in being Filipino – they have formed Yabang Pinoy, and they believe that if we all believe and take pride in who we are, we can go places and achieve what we have all set out to do.

It’s not easy, but they at Yabang Pinoy are taking steps to make sure that our national pride lives on, despite the difficult times and challenges of surviving the modern world.

All Finishers!

Anyway, Yabang Pinoy organized Takbong May Yabang, a 5 and 10 KM fun run in AAV. Race registration was a paltry P150 and you get an abaca Yabang Pinoy Band, mug and cap, plus a chance to run in a refreshing environment inside the AAV. Quite a number of runners turned out (sorry, but I am extremely pathetic in estimating crowd numbers) and the event was well-run and organized.

Sir Gil, Sam, yours truly in triangle cone orange, Miss J and Ivan

Five of us from the our running group came, and we’re pumped up to take on the undulating course that ran from Cuenca Community Center passing through Country Club Drive, Acacia Avenue Extension and then back to Cuenca. According to my Nokia Step Counter, the route was 4.37KM long, but I had only started it after around 5 minutes of running so it was probably exactly 5K.

The start was delayed for the benefit of runners coming from north of this side of town due to the accident in SLEX but everyone was more than accomodating to wait for a while for other runners to come in. At around 6:30 am, everyone was off and running.

AAV is a very conducive environment for running. Lucky are those who live and run here. If I had a home here, I would probably wake up early to run as much as I can, and not fear ending up being on a milk carton.

The toughest part the gradual incline on Country Club Drive, and the final hill approaching St. James the Great. I ran top gear from the crest of the hill all the way to the finish, forgetting that the finish line was down the street in Cuenca, not in the Community Center itself so I was out of breath by the parking lot but I found a little bit of extra to clock in at 34:31, another personal record, my second in two races. My boss, Miss J, finished among the Top 5 in her age group and was so proud that one of our friends really won something 🙂

Just after the finish…

Miss J was a Top 5 in her category

Everyone in the team had a good time (run-wise) and a great time after the race. We posed for photos, chatted around while looking for good buys at the Yaman Pinoy bazaar and explored the Narra St. Food Market to replenish our empty stomachs.

Overall, it was a successful event, and there couldn’t have been a better way to spend Saturday morning. New PR, fun with friends, helping a cause and experiencing that great feeling of finishing fast and strong.


Felt bad for my beautiful one that she couldn’t make it to this race because of back pains and staying up late from helping out for her dad’s 60th birthday party last night, and it would have been really great for her to see all this. Anyway, my new PR is for you and hopefully, we run a race together again so you can set your new race PR.

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