Let the LOVE Begin

Starting from scratch? Zero training? Hate running and want to start feeling the love?

This is what I did to get started.

It’s a simple running program – in 8 weeks, you’ll be more than ready to run your first 5 km race. You don’t need to sign up for a pricey gym plan and buy credits for personal training and instead, spend the money on a good shoe, Dri-Fit/ClimaCool/LightningDry shirts, shorts and socks. Though they say running is an inexpensive sport, it still does have its initial investments. But you don’t need to spend on renting venues on a per hour basis, and you don’t have to worry about gym people bugging you all the time to upgrade/avail of promos and plans. And the initial investments have its benefits that gives you less worries while you’re running.

Just a few pointers I found useful:

– Pick a light, comfortable shoe: heavy shoes take its toll on legs, and the farther you go, the more you’ll feel the pain of having picked the wrong shoes. Try to throw visual appeal out the window – it doesn’t help you finish your target time or distance.

– Lightning Dry/Dry-fit/ClimaCool,etc. counts: it feels fresher on the skin than regular cotton shirts. When you feel fresher, the longer you can go on running, especially on humid days/nights, helping you increase or maintain your target mileage.

– Attend FREE run clinics @ R.O.X Fort Bonifacio: every now and then, R.O.X holds run clinics – invaluable lessons to aid proper running, the do’s and dont’s, as well as pre-race preparations and useful exercises. Some of these sessions hold runs after the lecture is over, so make sure you have your gear. Some of the facilitators are sports doctors and experienced elite runners, so their insight and knowledge are reliable and trustworthy.

– If you’re planning a meal before you run, make sure you eat lightly at least an hour before your run. After the run, our metabolic rate remains elevated for up to an hour, so we can eat to replenish energy and nutrients (remember, eat, not binge!)

– Find a safe place to run, especially if you run at night: if you’re running alone, make sure your route is a common runners’ route or at least well-lit and recommended by a number of runners – I’m a night runner and I do mine either in Legazpi Car Park, MACEA Park along Legazpi St. and if my running mates are feeling really up to it, Bonifacio High Street. Also find safety in numbers, and minimize carrying valuables while running. It also helps if your route features zero stray dogs!

– Warm up before running, cool down after: 10 minutes of stretching, 5 minutes of super easy jogging/walking or 15 minutes of calisthenics (future post) before getting down to business will get you ready to run, and doing same stretching exercises after helps minimize that weary feeling.

– No pain killers please! Sure, we’ll feel the pain, but avoiding pain killers help increase our pain thresholds. The more we can stand the discomfort of our effort, we can press and push harder to achieving our targets! If the pain gets unbearable, the recommended medicine is R.I.C.E – rest, ICE, compress (warm/hot), elevate.

So there. Ready to run? Go for it! Start feeling the love.

* tips are courtesy of what I remember from the Rush Run Clinic held on June 26, 2008 @ R.O.X

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