Run Love

I love to run because I can do it with my friends – we support and motivate each other, exchange tips and push each other to go faster each race and at the same time enjoy the run knowing we are all going to be suffering the same pains and the same joys of crossing the finish line.

We all run different races, but when we finish our best and strongest, we are one in being happy with our sense of accomplishment.


One thing I miss most is running with my beautiful one. I feel happy seeing her push herself and test her limits, and I feel proud that I help her do so. Although running is something that I really enjoy for myself, the fact that she puts in effort to share it with me drives me to keep helping her get better and faster and love running as well.

3 thoughts on “RUN

  1. @molokimaybe one day he’ll do a complete 360. then again, i’m just speculating hehehe@malmontempting — still not satisfied with how i write now because when i read how i’ve written my serious stuff before… layo hehehehe

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