A Good Year?

There’s 27 days, 24 minutes before the curtains draw a close on the year 2008. It’s that time of the year again – to look back at the year that was and see if it went the way I planned it. Most of us avoid doing this because of the obvious – we never really do things perfectly as we had planned it – but I believe that looking back is never a bad thing because it reminds us what we have to be thankful for for this year, and learn from what we had horribly done wrong.

So, I guess I’ll start:

January – my beautiful one got confined due to a strain of the dengue fever which got me all worried, frantic and sleepless. My first time to face the reality of our situation and I don’t think I passed that with flying colors at all.

February – my beautiful one gives me a generous present for my birthday, the Nokia N95 8GB, a great lunch at Cafe Juanita, and I got myself my 2nd digital camera – the Fuji Finepix S5600. Also booked tickets for our planned Thailand trip in July. Yes, thank you to CebPac, we got a great rate on plane fare to Bangkok.

March – Got bitten by the photography bug big time, and immediately moved on into DSLR’s by buying my Nikon D40. It’s mostly snapping what I see at home and what I see around, except when in Makati.

April – our Las Pinas home of 23 years and 8 months is sold; with a heavy heart, I pack my things into boxes, the first ‘moving’ that I’ve encountered with complete awareness. We move in to a smaller but a potentially great house still in Las Pinas, and lies in a closer proximity to my beautiful one’s home.

May – got my beautiful one an iPod Touch for her birthday (and Apple screws me over big time by releasing a spanking new one a couple of months later) that she totally likes, celebrate her birthday a night ahead, and left her a birthday song message via audio messaging – technology is just uber cool.

June – spent it being mostly excited for July. Picked up running again – ran my first 5K and finished in under 45 minutes, by my clock.

July – hit two birds with one stone – get to go abroad for a vacation and got to share it with someone really special. My beautiful one and I go to Bangkok for the first stamps in my passport. Although we didn’t get to go to the places we originally planned to go, just being somewhere else with my special someone was an experience to remember. We also ran our first 5K together and finished in under an hour. Not bad for a challenging and undulating course in the Fort!

August – new challenge career wise: took on the role of senior system administrator. I knew I still had a lot to learn in this job but if I was gonna expand my horizons in this role, then bring it on! The consequence was I had less time for running as we adjusted to the workload big time. I guess this also means I don’t remember much from August.

September – still adjusting. Less running, pretty much less life as I try work my way into doing a good job. My sister gives birth to a bouncing baby boy – Enzo Inigo – I am now an uncle! Makes me wonder when will I be given the blessing to start my own family…

October – Adjusted! Was able to do a lot of races, but still pretty much work took much of the time and the rest went to spending quality time with my beautiful one. Also, a major change and challenge – Ann was assigned to do PM work for Globe Telecom. Spent Halloween trick or treating with her niece and it was great playing nanny to Cat-cat. Joined a on the spot photo contest during a photography group EB – my entry made top 50! (I know it isn’t much… but hell I’m proud of it!)

November – Took on an even bigger role work-wise: meant having to meet insane deadlines and painstakingly make sure every detail was covered as we moved all our machines out of the old data center and migrate the services to Globe and PLDT data centers. Also, I start to do infrastructure costings and design solutions for our prospective clients and internal projects. Since Ann has been mostly not in the office, I put my energy in dealing with the change by working and trying to tick out what we need to do one item at a time.

Now that I look at it, I say it’s been a good year. Lots of new things, lots of old things rediscovered, and even if there’s been a lot that I haven’t been able to do (buy a car, get a new laptop, get married, talk to Ann’s parents [yet, but I will before the year ends and before Christmas comes so it’s coming up real soon]), just being able to do a lot is an accomplishment.

So if you feel you haven’t done much, cheer up. Take a look back and you’ll realize that you’ve done enough to have a good year. Don’t forget to give thanks for the gift of a good year because it’s something that we can’t do all by ourselves. He also made it possible.

3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. ganun talaga leyds pag tumatanda na inuunahan para hindi makalimutan. I just wanted to see how my year was and I guess these kind of things happen when December shows up sa calendar 🙂

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