When we were younger, my kuya Glenn and I always played with toy cars. My mom and dad had spoiled me rotten with Matchbox toy cars, because way back then, they were dirt cheap. Dad then got us pedal-powered carts, which he’d stow on his 79′ Corolla, drive all the way from Makati to CCP early in the morning so we kids could get a breath of fresh air from Manila Bay (it was really fresher back then), which was good for me because of my intense ashtma attacks.

As we grew up, the family fortunes changed somewhat and my older cousin got to pursue his love of automobiles. He inherited my uncle’s 89′ Corolla XE and saved up for his modifications to his car. He’d always show me what to pick out if I was going to have my own someday and he’d teach me a lot of things about cars that most guys have to know.

A few weeks shy of my 30th birthday, I decided to give myself something that I knew that I wanted to have, and at the same time I knew would be a great convenience for me and my beautiful one. With her helping me pick out the color and a lot of other things, such as constantly reminding me to check my budget and really assess that we were ready for this, we were together when we finally rolled Cameron out of the dealership on January 31.

We got the 2009 Hyundai AT GLS i10, our first car. It was available on a special promo price, and pretty much souped up with lots of extras at a price we just couldn’t say no to. I was really eyeing the MT model which brought the price down by just a little bit, but my beautiful one convinced me to take the AT model so that we both can be less worried driving it around the city traffic jams.

These photos were taken just right after her first 1000km check up. I wanted to drive to a more photo-friendly location to shoot photos but since we were due to leave for my uncle’s birthday party, I decided to take photos in our neighborhood’s common parking area.

A big part of my decision to get this car for me and my beautiful one was that I wanted to give her the convenience of no longer worrying how to get home or keeping her mind off the thought of how to get a ride when she works late. It also freed me from the worry of thinking how she gets home and her safety in doing so. I treat it as something ours more than mine, because our joint efforts and the graces from our Maker helped this to become a reality through His providing of opportunities and means. To me, it was the biggest birthday gift I’ve ever received, but still only second best compared to the happy relationship I’m enjoying with my beautiful one.

A few days after we got the car, I visited kuya Glenn in his QC office to show him the latest addition to our automobile family. We spent a good hour or so checking the car, driving it around and talking about how it feels and rides. At the end of that good hour, we both reminded ourselves of those days when we just played and drove our toy cars by the bay, on a cool Sunday morning, with the breeze blowing slightly and of the days we played with our Matchbox cars in the sand.

2 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. Thanks man! You are right about that – love how it runs, how it handles, and how easy it is to park and move between lanes.Trying to take good care of it. It’s really worth it so far and I hope that we go a long way together 🙂Nice choice on the color

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