Once You Go Mac…

They say you won’t go back.

Given this beautiful aluminum-shod beast to work with, I just might not. Not with VMWare Fusion around 🙂


Where do you find the best cheesesteak sandwich in town?

Not Charlie’s. Not Elbert’s. Tried them both and to me, they’re overly hyped in blogs and reviews.

The best and consistent cheesesteak sandwich overall can be found in Gram’s Diner in Rockwell. The bread won’t hurt your palate and uses cheese you can actually taste. Taste buds don’t lie and mine told me that Gram’s easily knocks out these other two sandwiches out in the taste category. That’s my verdict.

My friends and I used to frequent Gram’s diner and I don’t know why I missed this sandwich on their menu.

The beautiful one agrees, and with that, it’s game over.


I can’t help but notice that we’re the same about things that we like individually. We don’t get tired of them at the peak of our liking of those aforementioned things, and we don’t care what other people say about what we like.

I know you won’t have a problem with that because I don’t. And please don’t hesitate plugging in your iPod and play your music while we’re on the road. With all the talk on the radio these days, I’m more than happy to listen to your playlist over and over.

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