About Comebacks

Michael Jordan couldn’t stay retired – it didn’t matter if he would be able to win championships again prior to his last (and hopefully final) retirement – he just wanted to play.

Lance Armstrong thought his seventh Tour de France title would be his last competitive ride – but he rides again this year to silence that voice in his mind egging him to do it one more time – against younger legs, strict rules against the evil of doping, but most of all, to challenge his already incredible legacy.

The Dawn has split up many times, only to come back again – it doesn’t matter if they sound way different from before – or if the critics are panning them for their latest efforts – they just wanted to play and make music.

Hulk Hogan still wrestles from time to time. I once heard, in Wrestle Mania 3, that the announcers would love to see him win a wrestling title coming out of retirement.

We’ve seen boxers give up their careers after a devastating loss, only to bounce back to the ring, their desire to test themselves against the best or the best of who’s available and willing.

It is in our nature to post comebacks. Deep inside everyone of us is that irresistable urge to fight adversity, to prove to ourselves that we are given the tools to come back even from the most lopsided odds, that winning small victories can deliver that ultimate goal.

That’s the reason behind this blogging comeback – I’ve always wanted to keep writing. The fire was never lost. Things of greater consequence came but now that they’ve settled down into the background, it opens the door for this return.

And while this comeback may not be great or worth anyone’s attention, I find comfort in the similarity of my story with others.

For me, that is enough.

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