Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t lose.

I’m hooked on the show Friday Night Lights.

I’ve known about this since it started airing here last year, but never around to really check it out because I thought it’ll never work. It’ll start out as a sports-centric weekly drama then progress into some twisted, convoluted story straying far away from what it really set out to tell.

Surprise, surprise.

It’s really good. The acting is top notch with its different approach (mostly done in 1 take, and actors are given the creative freedom to express the base dialogue), the ambient music and the imagery is just — excellent. The creative team behind this are taking huge risks of wholesale cast changes to keep up with the reality of high school varsity teams being broken up due to graduation and I think it’s a really bold move, hopefully the stories and characters they develop will keep the show going. They’ve wrapped up 3 seasons with NBC picking up 2 more seasons, the next new one airing summer of 2010.

It’s gonna be a long wait so I’m taking my time to get episodes and watch this at a slower pace.

Watching this show reminds me of how much I wanted to excel in the things I love, how life isn’t really always about winning or losing, but what you become after you leave it all out in the court, field, gym or the road. It reminds me that a game is a lot like life – it’s never just a game, and if your heart isn’t in it, your eyes are not set on the goal, everything you play for or live for in this matter may be lost.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.

Those six words best describes what you need to do to succeed in life.

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