Friday Night Lights gets its second wind.

“I love my job, and I would like to keep it.” But he didn’t. The town chose the truckful of money and the boy with the good arm.

It was done. It was over in the eyes and minds of many of its faithful followers.

Time to turn off the lights.

The uncertainty of its continuity on TV opened the door for the creative team behind the show to create deep plot lines way beyond football, an opportunity to rebuild its cast, reinforce its faithful roots to realism and most of all, sensational performances from the leads.

From the loud, shaking, rabid fanaticism of Dillon High, a quiet eerieness greets Kyle Chandler’s coach Eric Taylor at East Dillon. The years of disuse of the school’s facilities left him with not much to rebuild on and very little to start with. It comes to full circle with his voice over at the end of the pilot where he described the loss of Jason Street to paralysis as a test – “We will be tested – we will be tested to our very souls.”

This is his test. And he confronts it the best way he knows – with the same fire in his eyes, that same love for the game, for those who play for him, those who watch, those who teach and coach the game with him. He knows the odds – he knows he can’t win, but he also knows that by playing and getting these kids to find meaning for themselves, he can’t lose.

Softly, poignantly: “Clear eyes, full hearts…”

There is no better way to start a new season.

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