What I believe is Manny’s secret.

Image from: Getty Images/Al Bello
Before the match, he trains – he trains hard. Most of the brilliance on the night of the fight is the result of countless hours of practice, sparring, road work, watching fight tape and you can go on and on whatever boxers do to prepare for a fight. Anyone in Team Pacquiao will say that the man is who he is because of the work he puts in during training.
For what you can’t prepare for, because life is that way, Manny prepares the best way he knows – look up high to the heavens, with earnest faith, for guidance, glory, and protection. The image above shows that same fire in training as he prays for his victory.
He is where he is right now because of these things – work and prayer. And maybe that’s there all is to it. The rise to glory might not be meteoric or in the same scale as Manny’s but if we tried, it will all make things better for us.

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