Goodbye Tags…

A dear friend passed away last Tuesday due to complications arising from childbirth. It felt gut-wrenching, receiving the news – she was the youngest in our circle of friends in college, and we always considered her as our ‘baby’. She had a way with all of us, and despite the fact that we rarely all got together after graduation, we’d always recall how fun it was with her around and how she’d make us laugh with her antics and ways.

I went to her wake last Friday and saw her for the last time, dressed in white. I chose to remember her in the photos that my other friends had kept, in the memories we all made together.

This morning, she will be laid to rest. I pray for her soul, and the son and husband that she left behind, and her family, that they may find acceptance and courage to move on from this loss and do her memory well by living their lives the way she would have wanted to…

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