A Few Small Repairs

It’s been a while since I last changed blog templates. I stopped caring what the blog looked like years ago, when it was apparent that I couldn’t really think of a really good concept for a blog template. But now that Google/Blogger introduced its new template designer, I decided to take the leap and make a few small repairs.

The tool is very intuitive, and offers a lot of choices for backgrounds. I had no problems doing multiple changes and do-overs, as you know, I have this indecisive nature for guessing and second-guessing. For years that I’ve used Blogger, I’ve always struggled finding the right template offered from the defaults to match with what I wanted. At least now, it gives us users a wider range of choices and a great preview function to help us decide if its what we want or not.


Speaking of repairs, I proudly announce that I have acquired a new skill – changing door knobs!

By some bizarre coincidence, all the house doors’ knobs started to fail one after the other – with the exception of the bathroom door. When the first knob failed, I had watched this handy man transplant one of the knobs in the extra room to the front door (which also failed eventually) and thought that if ANY of the knobs in the house failed, I’d be able to do it myself without having to shell out money for a handy man. I guess that’s when the knobs started to fail one by one.

Since we needed tickets for the Train show in ATC, I decided to buy the door knobs from True Value in ATC. By Sunday, all the doors had spanking new door knobs.

And I didn’t even need to read the instructions!

Yes, I am now officially a D.I.Y man 🙂

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