Music is My Life Support One – Sara Bareilles

Inspired by cyberlaundry‘s 30 days of music. But I’m not gonna count up or down, because the pressure would be just too much for me – the last time I tried something like this (yes, an epic fail of a Project 365), I flamed out on day 2. So I’ll just do the best I can.

Sara Bareilles rocks.

She first caught my ear a couple of years back with ‘Love Song’, but completely reeled me in with ‘Between the Lines’. I’ve always wanted to be in a band/play with/jam with a woman who has a great deal of power and emotion in her voice and words, and it was that combination that really got me into her music. I wouldn’t say I am a huge fan, but if she did come over to Manila for a show, I’d definitely most likely be there to watch, hopefully for free like a couple of weeks back when Train visited ATC. More on that in the next few posts to come 🙂

Anyway, I just gotta share this – Sara Bareilles covers The Beatles’ Oh Darling at Abbey Road Studios. Damn.

One thought on “Music is My Life Support One – Sara Bareilles

  1. Sara Bereilles is amazing. I absolutely ADORE “Gravity” by her. I jam to it all the time on Saturday mornings while drinking my coffee 🙂 It's fab.

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