Why I (Attempt To) Write

It is because I love to read. Most especially, well-written pieces.

A well-written piece won’t need too much words to captivate a casual reader, but its’ impact is best appreciated by a creative mind. Words that unlock a mind’s imagination, putting one’s consciousness back into that world that the author has created or re-created. The power of words can be lost to the ‘imagination-less’, and without that power, the piece loses its meaning.

Personally, I have got a weakness for history and historical accounts. They pique my curiosity so much, that I can spend all day just googling about a significant event in world and local history and lose myself in layers and layers of links, facts, and images of the past, sending my thoughts into a time travel of sorts.

This is why, after so many attempts to stop blogging, I never was able to fully leave it alone – I always have this feeling and urge to write whenever I read something really great and something that enriches my mind. I want to say something about it and show how what I’ve read inspires me.

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