The Hangover

manila. planned over lunch. four at the start, three at the end. to hell with plans. three tickets. domestic airport. parked car, two nights. strong air con. rainy weather. take off. capture the clouds.taal. corregidor. sunny up here. sunglasses/polarizer. one hour on paper, thirty minutes in the air. landing. smooth. touchdown. kalibo. bus ride. ninety minutes. sleep will come. jetty port. wait here, sir. ten months ago, we got conned. fifteen minutes. boracay. traffic on the two-lane road. jony’s. welcome drinks are so welcome. mango shake heaven. upgraded. three on room for four. walk the beach. d’mall. station one. sunsets. free dinner. sleep night.

up early. breakfast. dip. clear, cool water. white sand. bye, stress. find your watch. i can stay here forever. loving it. nothing like this in LA. wade. lie down. feel the sand. take it home. gentle breeze. clouds. blue skies. beautiful people. annoying vendors. can’t blame them for trying. island hopping. snorkelling. i’ll pass. cramps. beautiful down there. crystal cove. hot day for a hike. two caves, too many people. hand-shaped seats, burning buns. lunch. eat all you can. snorkelling after eating? pass. ice cream man on a small boat. COCONUT man on SMALL boat. not just one coconut. puka beach. peace. rougher sand. a healthy dose of silence. wows. sighs. can stay here all day. time to go back. rest. naps. wake up. shower. dinner. walk. nervous. face the fifteen. first shot is the fiercest. five down. ten down. thirteen down. FIFTEEN! two for the Philippines. two names. two brothers. still standing. fast fading (j). sleepwalk. TAX! forgotten fight. never again. promise.

up. eat. pack. walk the beach. take it all in. memories made. time to go home. boat. bus. stinky airport. jollibee conspiracy. gossip guys and girl. plane. hottest flight ever. touchdown. goodbyes.

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