I’ve Always…

it started when I thought of the drinking game ‘I Never…’. all of a sudden, i just thought, why not make a blog post about the opposite – a list of things that i’ve always wanted to do, a kind of a reverse bucket list. The things I don’t think I’ll ever be able to realize in this lifetime. I guess I’m writing this not to remind myself what I had been afraid to do, but more of to remind myself how much I used to dream – and how big I dreamed, if I did dream big at all.

So here it is – some are things that I still hope to realize someday – others, well – I guess I wasn’t meant to do those. We all have to let it go sometime, right?

So, here we go.

I’ve always…

…wanted to do something on the artsy side, like paint or sketch, but I couldn’t draw squat.
…wanted to be a fighter pilot, ever since the day I saw Top Gun.
…wondered if I would make it to the age of starships, transporters and phasers.
…fantasized of performing small-scale, heroic acts – like hitting a game-winning jump shot or saving a life.
…wanted to drive a fast car, race and win. Heck, I even did my own commentary in my imaginary coverage.
…wanted to see my name in print (check!)
…wanted to travel the world and remember them in photos, hoping to just share the fascination even in just a small setting.
…believed in second chances, and even more when I resumed studying, since I was blessed enough in being given one.
…been in love with the idea of being in love, but not just for the sake of it – and it gave me hope.
…had a problem with needles. I handle it better now, but I still hate the idea of them going into my body.
…been used to working on my own and taking up cudgels for others, but that changed this year, and by a whole lot!
…loved the idea of going abroad, but never living anywhere other than here – until I went abroad.
…been in love with certain parts of history – up to now, I still look up historical events and imagine what it was like to have lived in those times.
…loved biking, even after an accident on one cost me my halves of my two front teeth. It’s a little freedom that I miss.
…loved to read a good story, real or not, senseless or not, impossible or not. The important thing is that it’s good.

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