Questions and Answers

At times, we think the answer will always come just in time.

The reality is, life isn’t fair and there will be days that we will be left waiting, without answers. And with the absence of answers to the questions that we have in our hearts and minds, we tend to turn to doubt. It creeps in slowly, but it easily firms up its hold, especially those whose hearts are weak to fight it.

The power of prayer is this – it doesn’t solve the puzzle, or provide the answers to the questions or takes away what we don’t need or what we want taken away. It simply allows us to cast the doubt away from our hearts and minds. Prayer is not just a set of words we need to memorize. It is a conversation, to a greater power. Trust in that greater power to enlighten us with what to do next, or what to choose with the options we have.

When we think, at times, the chaos of the torrent of thoughts causes us to not hear ourselves. Prayer gives us the channel to talk the doubt out of ourselves and allow that greater power to help us realize what we need to do, and to cast the doubts away. We will always get what we asked for, but not always literally.

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