The Birdee Stole My Blogee

I am posting this because I feel guilty.

Ever since I’ve gotten my E5830 and bought Gravity for Symbian S60, I’ve let Twitter completely obliterate my blog. In less than a few months, my initial five tweets made when I created the account has grown to around 400-plus tweets, while my blog has remained at a measly 311 total posts since I’ve resurrected it in 2004.

I remember completely dissing Twitter for being absurd – why would anyone want to blog something that has to be less than 140 characters in length? I thought to myself, 140 characters is simply not enough to contain an interesting thought.

So here’s my apology to my blog: no, Twitter does not completely obliterate you out of water. 140 characters can contain interesting thoughts, but nothing tells a story (especially longer ones…) better than a blog does.

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