On Ortigas

It’s been more than a month since I’ve left EGG and the Globe project assignment, and tomorrow I’ve been working for my new employer for a month. So far, my career has taken me from the nearness of Alabang, to the ordered chaos that is Makati, up further north to the muted chaos that is Mandaluyong and now, to Ortigas.

All I can say that it has been a pleasant surprise.
Our office is at the Unionbank Plaza, just right in front of Metrowalk. Just a stone’s throw away from a variety of choices for food, drink and night cap. (scratch that coz I’m working nights now)
It is also a few minutes walk from Emerald Avenue (now known as F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue), where there is a good stretch of fast food choices, some favorites of the B and mine, coffee shops and fitness clubs. The banks where I usually pay bills are just a few steps away, and since I’m working nights now, I can conveniently bank without worrying about the crowds just before I go home.

Traffic along Emerald isn’t much of a problem, but its more on the feeder streets to the main roads.

It’s been a pleasant experience, I’ve considered moving here.

But it’s too early to decide, and I should really wait till I get regular employment status before I start making long term decisions.

Gives me time to see if anything ugly will rear its head.

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