Out of the Calendar…

…but still in the range of Lottery Numbers.

Hello, 32. It’s either I’m 12 with 20 years of experience. Or 22 with 10 years experience.
Each year, the number grows bigger. But it is only a number. Real age is how you act it, how you deal with life, how you treat people around you and how you treat life in general.
Treat life with respect, and age will be kind to you. On the other hand, be crazy, careless and hurtful, and people will definitely get your age wrong ALL the time.
We wouldn’t want our 12 + 20 or 22 + 10 get much bigger than it already is right?
I will try to put up more blog entries this year – one, because I miss writing real posts and thoughts. Two, because I feel ashamed that I bought a Macbook hurriedly and barely open it up and use it. The keyboard is just so lovely to type with, I could just go on and on…
Wait – I’m starting to go pointless – I’ve definitely regressed blog-skills wise.


Got more than a hundred greets on Facebook and SMS. I am absolutely floored. Thanks, everyone!

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