Lights Out

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So it’s finally over. The lights have been turned out. While I have yet to see the last three episodes of Friday Night Lights’ final season, I am already anticipating a happy ending where the Lions will win the Texas state championship on their second season back in high school football. It is not really something believable, I know, but if you have a coach that they did like Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler), anything is just about possible.

I will miss this show for the great story and acting that it delivers on every episode. At first, it was my fascination with football that got me attracted to it, and then the unique way they shoot the scenes and the dramatic camera angles. As I watched on, it was the acting delivered by a mix of acting veterans and Texas locals that made the show feel really credible. I know I’ve never been or lived in Texas, but that’s the thing – it made me feel like I know how life is there, after being immersed in the show, and the story lines just reach out and get to you.

I read in an article that what caused FNL’s critical success and ratings fail is its best characteristic – showing the reality with all its absurdness and awkwardness right in our faces – presenting us with situations where we would have most likely chosen the same paths that the characters did, something we probably wouldn’t admit to ourselves. And in reality, in life, the best that we have at times are not good enough.

Like all good things, this show had to come to an end. The lights, at the end of the game, win or lose, go out and we all only have good memories of what was laid out on the field.

2 thoughts on “Lights Out

  1. Johnny, I watched it na. I kept delaying the inevitable–which is so unlike me, because I have no delayed gratification skills when it comes to TV.

    Thank you for being a Friday Night Lights buddy.


    (Though somebody wrote, “More like 'Wet Eyes, Broken Hearts, Can't Breathe,' right?”)

  2. I love how they ended it. I love how Eric stubbornly held on to his firm ideals until he realized that he was somewhat violating it by denying Tami her chance at her dream. It was so real and heartfelt and I don't really recall any other show doing this to me as a viewer.

    Clear eyes, full hearts – can't lose!

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