No Flash in the Pan

Image credit to Chris Farina/Top Rank Boxing
I saw this coming.
Four years ago, Nonito Donaire, Jr., fought a cocky, overconfident Vic Darchinyan. Vic had boasted that he broke the jaw of Nonito’s brother, Glenn, and that he would do the same to Nonito. Then trained by his father, his namesake, Nonito Donaire floored a reckless Darchinyan and KO’d him in a big upset that left the Armenian glassy eyed and had to be laid down on the floor for precautionary checks.
Next, he creamed and defaced Wladimir Sidorenko, an Olympic medalist and regarded as a highly technical fighter. Donaire simply disarmed his opponent with his speed and skill in avoiding heavy exchanges while delivering crisp, powerful punches that opened all sorts of cuts and welts on Sidorenko’s face, which, by the end of the fight, was a bloody mess.
Today, he floored a very credible and veteran fighter in Fernando Montiel. I expected the fight to be a real thriller, but apparently, his team forgot to review the Vic Darchinyan fight film, making the exact same mistake that put him down and flailing wildly on the canvas. Montiel simply walked into the same crushing left hook that had knocked out two very good fighters and paid dearly for it. And it appeared that Nonito knew his opponent well, waiting and timing his opportunity well, knowing and seeing that at some point in the fight, Montiel will make the same mistakes that Darchinyan and Sidorenko did.
A lot of critics really didn’t give a lot of thought about Nonito Donaire despite his wins and his conquests. They said that the best validation for his skill and talent was a rematch with Darchinyan that never happened, that he may have just caught Sidorenko on a bad day. But this win over Montiel showed finally, that he was no flash in the pan.

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