After weeks of staying in on weekends, finally got to go out with the B on a Sunday. I normally don’t like to impose on other people when I feel like going out – I always wait for people to either ask me or just inform me because I don’t really like making plans (unless its something for the B).

I left my Mi-Fi at home – so that I can focus on just being with the B and leave all the online stuff at home.

Since we rarely do this, I decided to take treat her for a snack at California Pizza Kitchen, one of our favorite haunts. Weekends are her normal family time so to make the time taking her away from her family, she deserves a good treat.

We got our usual salad, The Original Chopped BBQ Chicken salad. I wasn’t really a big fan of salads before, but since we started going out, I’ve grown to love having salads to start a meal.

Herb and Onion Focaccia was a freebie from an HSBC credit card promo – not too bad for something free. All we had to do was part with one of the B’s charge slips.

For the pasta, we didn’t see much of a choice (since they took the Jambalaya pasta off their menu) so we got the Sausage and Pepper Penne with Bolognese sauce. The Italian sausage used on this dish was so good – it had a really smoky and roast flavor that went well with the sauce.

Alabang Town Center is slowly becoming  unmaintained – some signs are losing their letters, shops relocating with no ‘re’-directions, and the A/C isn’t that cool. And no one seems to care. Maybe because of the ongoing construction of a new mall facility where the old South Supermarket is taking place? We’ll see.

After the snack, we went around to just check out stuff – the B with her window shopping at her usual stores (I didn’t need to text her to find out where she was) and I went off to search for the new location of the Globe Business Center.

The Globe Store had a new look, but the same slow and bumbling service only they can provide. I left in frustration, finding out the info that I needed to know in a flyer that I got to read to tide the long wait. I was going to subscribe to Globe Wimax, but reading about it being subject to FUP and the bad speeds/reliability, I decided to just ditch the idea.

As we left, we saw Herbie parked near McDonald’s. I just had to take a snap. It looks so much like the classic Herbie from the Love Bug movies that I think he/she deserves applause for the effort to make his/her Beetle look like a Herbie replica. It was off to S&R to accompany the B for her groceries.

Since I had ran out of Blueberry Morning cereals, I decided to get paranoid and buy two boxes. This was very good for any time of day. Got a box of milk too, and a can of Black Pepper Spam (BPS). I should have gotten a loaf of bread, as BPS is great with toast and mayo.

We also saw that Chic-Boy had a branch in Puregold Molito. I’ve been hearing raves about it, so its a destination for next time.

Sun-dates with the B is a great way to get the feet painful (more of my fault with my weight management) and to forget about the worries of work and home life. It would probably lose its magic if done too often, so I don’t mind that we do this once in a while – we have a whole lot of time for this once we’ve realized our plan of settling down.

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