Still Not Over It

I’m practically ripping off cyberlaundry‘s desktop wall paper (and blog post – forgive me dear), but added a little something that really got my attention while I was watching the show – I added a quote from Coach Eric Taylor at the start of the show’s fourth season. It goes something like this:

Because tomorrow, if you give 100% of yourself tonight, people are going to look at you differently. People are going to think of you differently. And I promise you, you’re going to look and think differently about yourselves. Clear eyes, full hearts… Can’t lose.

I’m hanging on to all that I have left – Season 1-3 DVDs purchased during my US vacation more than a year ago and watching as much of the special features as I can. All I can say is that the cast are an amazing bunch of performers, and the characters created are a combined result of their creative inputs or improvs and the writers’ creative drives.

I’ve accepted that the lights will never come back on for this show. But that doesn’t mean I have to get over the show yet.

2 thoughts on “Still Not Over It

  1. HOMAYGAS you have the DVDs?? And SPECIAL FEATURES?? We. Must. Schedule. Marathon.

    (And can I copy your DVDs? I've been putting up with my ugly, compressed, pixelated downloads! Hahaha!)

    I remember that quote. That's when the Lions were about the go out, diba? And he had to forfeit, tama ba?

    Sent you a link to Panther paraphernalia via Facebook!

  2. Yes, you can (on both the questions – just like grandma saracen says to coach when he borrows matt the night before his first start for the Panthers)

    Saw the link – I've been dying to have a #7 Panthers Matt Saracen jersey for the longest time. And I want a custom made Texas Forever shirt too hahaha – though I've never been to Texas :p

    Just let me know when 🙂 I work in the Ortigas area now, and I am just a big bum on weekends.

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