Prayers for a Time of Uncertainty

Five days ago, I was thinking of going north and turning Japanese.

And then this happened.

It’s been a scary year for earthquakes and disasters. Wars.

I’ve never had a perfect relationship with my religion. I don’t practice it that much. All I know is I believe that while our destinies are in our own hands and that we have free will, it’s impossible that we are fully on our own.

I said a prayer in my thoughts – times are becoming uncertain, and if there is one certainty – if these things happened to me and my loved ones, it’d be a good help that someone else out there is saying a silent prayer for me.

So here’s the prayer:

We are your creations, just as the world is.
We are free, intelligent, capable of all you are capable.
We thank you for these chances to exist, to live, to be in the created world.
We pray for those who are in grief, in suffering, in loss.
We pray for recovery. Healing. A return to normalcy.
We pray for more chances to live this life, to live in your creations.
Most of all, we pray for change. The good kind of change.


On another note, a very different note, I felt dumb for pocketing the B’s baggage claim tag as we shopped for groceries at the mall (Shangrila Mall) last week. As a result of that action, we had to come back to the mall the next day so she can retrieve the pair of shoes she got the previous day.

It was a blessing in disguise.

We decided to have lunch and cashed in on the B’s promise to try out the new place we saw the last time we had lunch with friends at Green Tomato – Sing Hainanese Chicken House.

Hainanese Chicken (top) and Roast Chicken (bottom). Pardon the photos – we were both hungry and I only took photos after we had started eating.

No frills, no lines, no waiting – straight menu, viewable kitchens. They served the chicken cold, but I heard they could be heated up upon request. But what I can say is if the food is good while cold, what more if they were hot? I’ve never been to SG before, so I had no idea how they were really served. But the B is good authority, having been to SG many times before, and when she said that this was closer to what she tried in SG, I was glad. I’ve finally found a place for my HCR craving.

Comparing this to my previous HCR experiences at Penang Hill and Wee Nam Kee, this was the best of the three. I was expecting a flavor that PH and WNK didn’t satisfy. SHCH hit the spot and I was happy. Definitely worth a trip to Shangrila Mall.

Don’t waste your effort to line up at Wee Nam Kee for a hyped but inferior Hainanese Chicken experience. There’s lots of room here at Sing, and a lot more flavor for your valued buck.

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