Why I Take Photos of the Food I Eat

Because I can, and because I deem them as interesting photo subjects.

They may be cheap food or expensive food. Price doesn’t matter. The urge to share knows no classes or prices.

It doesn’t have to be technical and perfect. As long as it can share the same feeling that I had when I wanted to experience the food I am about to partake, it’ll do.

I don’t have to keep them afterwards. But I try to, and usually what drives me to take photos is when I have that great feeling that its gonna be good. I share them when they are, and when they aren’t, I try to be a little kind so as not to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

What I deem as good photos may not be shared by other eyes as the same. When comments come, I try to exert effort to take criticisms objectively and not personally. Any two cents worth will help improve whatever skills are there.

That’s why I do this. Simply put, I just love to. We all do what we love.

No matter what other people think. And that’s life.

Seryna’s Kaisen Gozen
Kagura’s Okonomiyaki
Chelsea’s French Onion Soup

Forgot the names of the other two orders we had at Chelsea.

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