Four months to go till our big day.

I never thought I could do any of these five years ago – talk to the B’s parents, plan or finance a wedding, consider settling down and eventually start a family. I’ve always been ambivalent about what the future could bring, well settled on what the present brings.

And now we are just four months away.

Life happens, changes a person to someone who he needs to be, depending on the circumstances that life give us. At times, we think we are hopeless, that we’ll never become the person we need to be or we dream of.

But we can. If we already knew we could, we’d be complacent and lazy, putting it all of for later until it’s too late.

I hope I’ve become the person I need to be just in time. I hope it’s not too late. Now that I’m happy, I think about how much more happy my situation could be if I did all this earlier.

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