I finally was able to get the long coveted my own .com internet address.

My handle started way back in high school, back in 1996, when a good friend of mine started calling me johnny du. When I started college and created my first email account on Yahoo! and Hotmail, I decided to use this name, but without the space. It became my internet identity – telnet chat, IRC, Alamak chat, MUD games, and so on.

When I began blogging back in 2003, I knew that I could afford my own domain. However, was registered, parked under the name of the domain registrar. Each year, I checked at least once for its’ availability, but alas, it appeared to automatically renew year on year.

Starting a couple years back, I was really tempted to use GoDaddy’s domain buy service, but I found it way too expensive at USD69.00 as a base price, the final price depending on how much the domain registrant wanted for it.

But this year, it appeared that the former registrant’s hold on it expired, and just yesterday, I found that it was available on

So here I am now, finally, blogging from Blogger but with an easier to find address –!

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