Bless The Broken Road

We met one day in 2002 – I was an intern in Mobile Arts, the company that Ann was working in. When I first saw her, she had this look of someone serious about what she does, that I mistook her as a client of the company I was interning for. I didn’t think that I could be friends with her, judging by my first impressions, let alone think about ending up with her as my wife. Besides, she was with somebody at that point in time, and I was in a relationship with someone too.

Then we shared a tricycle ride heading home from an office mate’s party later that week and found out more about Ann – that we essentially lived near each other, and sort of liked the same kind of things, such as the music that we listen to. That’s when I thought that maybe I can be friends with her. And friends we became.

Then, things happened – we both went through some trying times in our relationships and our lives – we found comfort in each others’ stories and experiences, and exchanged advice for our problems. We became really good friends, a friendship that we would eventually keep despite going our separate ways – I left the internship to finish my degree and kept in touch until I was eventually hired as a full time employee by Mobile Arts. We kept our friendship even after we moved on to different jobs, looking out not just for one another, but the circle of friends we have built during our career.

Our relationship, while it blossomed from a strong friendship based on trust and respect, was never perfect. We both made missteps, mistakes, went through a road that while it led to our growth and maturity, was full of trials and pain. These errors in judgement made our road full of bumps, blocks and obstacles. There were times where we wondered if this road would ever lead to where we had dreamed of, to a lifetime of being one, being together, blessed by God.

And on December 27, 2012, the dream came true.

The song ‘Bless the Broken Road’ is more than a fitting soundtrack to the images of the day of our union. It is a song that best describes what we went through, to be here. It is a song that best tells our story, the song that means much to us not because of its message, but because it mirrors our experience of love, our love and how blessed we are that God loves us so much that he created this broken road to lead us to one another.

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