The Blog Ten Years After

I first started this blog around 2003. The original blog was deleted, with the archives tucked away in my backup hard drive. I don’t know what possessed me to delete that blog, all I remember that it was due to a fit of frustration of having to censure myself IN MY OWN BLOG or something of that sort. A long story that I don’t think I want to revisit.

So here we are, ten years later. 2013. Ten years ago, I was in my first job. There was a time that I finished things early enough that I had some time on my hands. I encountered my first blog. And I got hooked reading on these people’s fascinating stories and interesting lives that I just couldn’t help leave comments and messages on tag boards. Then I kept getting encouragements from the same group of blogger friends to start my own, and that’s how I got started.
I never thought that ten years weren’t enough to change somebody dramatically. I now realise I thought wrong. I had so many thoughts, emotions – I pulled triggers on my posts and spoken words without any second thoughts on their impact or what others may feel when I say them. Now, I can’t pull the trigger as easily without being considerate of the people around me. Granted that at times, some lapses still occur with my being trigger happy with words, thoughts and (now) emails, but mostly, I’ve been very mindful of how my words may impact those who will hear/read them.
So yeah, ten years is a long time and much can change in that span – Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Before them, Friendster, MySpace and the like. All the thoughts, images instantly captured and shared online in moments. Mobile phones with fast internet. Cameras and video recording too. Ten years ago, you either had to have a digital camera in your pocket, make mental notes on what happened during your day and wait till you either get home or in the office (where internet is faster and free) to make an interesting post.
I know I have a lot to say but I can’t seem to find the words. All I can say is that ten years later, here I am, still working but a little much more up the step in the food chain, married, etc. – vastly changed but somewhat the same.

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