And just like that…

It is June. Half of the year has passed. What have I accomplished? Career-wise, it feels that I’ve grown quickly in the span of a year. Other than that, not much.

Well, I’ve finally finished paying off my car. It is now officially off the debt part of the books.

I’ve started saving up for the future. Almost two years married, I am able to really save just now.

I’ve been able to afford a little luxury for my wife. Because every girl likes a little luxury every now and then. Don’t know where I picked that up, but I just know they do.

I’m starting to like basketball again. And Formula One. It’s been years since I’ve watched a ballgame and a race in full – blame my still potent addiction to American Football.

When I was younger, I was puzzled why older people tended to retrace their steps and go back to the things they used to like, habits they used to have, passions they used to love.

Now, I think I understand why. I don’t know why, I just understand.

We all have to retrace our steps at some point.

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