Sweet 16. It’s been a while since I wrote anything other than an email, a technical document or a Facebook post, Instagram caption, a Tweet or a Swarm (formerly known as Foursquare) check-in.

Thirteen or less years ago, while working for a services vendor for mobile telecom service providers in the Philippines, I wondered how great would it be if phones can take pictures and connect to the Internet to make rich and thoughtful blog posts. Little did I know that the technology we wished for and the social revolution it triggered would significantly maim what was then THE social network – the blog.

During the time of the blog, thoughts weren’t limited to 140 characters. Bloggers took the time at the end of their days to sum up their lives and post it out online. Some had so much thoughts, they end up posting more than once a day. Interactions were done through the comments section, and later on, free tag boards that you can put on your blog’s side bar. Online friends pretty soon became real friends. To this day, there are people I know from the blogging world that I consider as good friends despite never having met them in real life.

Then life started getting busier. Less time at the end of the day to think of a blog post, to take mental pictures of life as it happens before our eyes, and emerging new cool gadgets and social web sites (to this day, I really believe Six Degrees came first before Friendster, Facebook or MySpace) kind of trained us to literally share a thought online as it happens.

Anyway, so here we are. I realize that this is much more fun. Putting thoughts together. Reflecting. Editing. Typing. Realizing this would be a better post with a photo, but for once, I’ll keep it this way. Who else writes their thoughts and sends it out to the Internet nowadays, without endorsing something or doing it for the ad revenue?

It’s 2016. We are so far into the future that we wished for in the past. As Neil Gaiman wrote once in the Sandman:

The price of getting what you want, is getting what you once wanted.

So my goal for this year is not a photo a day, or a blog post a day. It is just to enjoy thinking and seeing life, not just with sharing it with others but enriching my own life more by really thinking about how I’ve lived one day at time.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

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