The Greatest Country in The World?

When I my wife showed me the opening scene to the first episode of the first season of “The Newsroom”, I was stunned. Jeff Daniels’ character, news anchor Will McAvoy, started speaking with an honest, eloquent and on-point personal assessment if the United States was the greatest country in the world.

Everything about the second part of his speech struck me and made me think – do we have current leaders or popular personalities who even think or talk like this anymore? People who find out the facts, analyzes and processes them and makes conclusions from them and then translate them into an action plan to help him determine what needs to be done to do better?

Do we really have to watch a TV series to experience something like this instead of reality?

I have a belief that people who want to be led want to see not only actions from their leaders but also what went into the process leading to that action. Did they have the right information? Did they rigorously put the information to good use? Were they able to evaluate their actions and learn from the outcomes if they could do better should the same situation arise?

There may be so many reasons why the United States is not the greatest country in the world, but this is one reason they are – the ability to provoke thought, emotion, opinion and discussion – even if the medium is not sourced from reality, but an imagination of what reality might be like.


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