Fix You

I will never forget this Coldplay hit from 2005. I first heard it from TV’s The O.C. I wasn’t a fan of Coldplay, and I did not think much of Yellow (at that time) and Trouble (until now). It was probably the fact that the song reached me at a point in time that I was in an ’emotional’ phase, where almost any song about heartache, or any darn lyrical structure centering on feelings of pain, detachment, isolation, and I could go on with other synonyms, that I instantly liked this song.

I’ve posted about this before, and to this day, the song’s bridge never fails to give me goose bumps and bring tears to my eyes. It’s that very same physical response you get to triumphantly overcame great odds, or stabbed right at the heart by really bad news, or when you’ve thought of something brilliant at unexpected time. You probably could paint the picture and feel free to fill in your own “Fix You” bridge moment here _____.

I loved it when I was really, really broken years ago. I know that while I have fixed some part of me, those cracks barely visible are still there because of how and what I feel when I hear this song.



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