it’s not much. it’s half a sandwich that the wife and i couldn’t finish, that we didn’t think we’d be able to get to before the end of the day, so we decided to give it to someone who might need it more. we spotted a man with a sign that he needed any form of help.

so we gave it to him, and it felt great to be appreciated for such a deed.

on one of the rides we took today on the muni, i had just started to get settled on my seat for a quick 20 minute ride. a pregnant lady hopped on, and was starting to get settled on standing up for her duration of the ride. it was a no-brainer – with no one else standing up, i gave up my seat for her and stood next to the wife’s seat.

we have been blessed so much to just be here. there’s no better way to say thanks for how good we’ve had things than doing a little good deed in the hope they’ll pay it forward and keep it going.

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