win or lose.

it’s a double edged sword, being a sports fan. you have to face the risk of enjoying the gut wrenching feeling of being on the losing end, in order to fully appreciate the highs of winning.

but i won’t trade any of that for not being a sports fan at all.

being a fan of our Golden State Warriors didn’t just give me the highs of winning. i have made new friends at work because of it, and even engaged in objective sports talk with an opposing team’s fan.

it gave some of those challenging days at work a change of pace just by being able to share thoughts on the love of the team and basketball with friends or colleagues.

it gave me motivation to work on my shots, when am not working on pitching and catching with my niece. their play has re-introduced me to honing my shot.

it gave me a teaching point to my niece that the highs of victory come only when you risk exposing yourself to defeat.

so, no, i don’t think the Golden State Warriors season was a complete failure. we didn’t win back to back titles, yes. i have been reduced to looking for moral victories, yes. but win or lose, this is my team. now, not only because this is our home team but because in victory and defeat, i see what makes them special, and i see them only getting better.

thank you Dubs. it’s gonna sting for quite a while, but we are still behind you.

win or lose.

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