a head full of dreams and a heart full of love



we bought tickets six months early. i wasn’t a big fan of the new record when it came out, and didn’t really give it much of a chance until i saw the super bowl halftime show.

i knew coldplay would be a great show based on what i heard on leftrightleftrightleft and the numerous viewings of their headline performances at Glastonbury, but i didn’t realize how much of a fan pleaser they are until i saw them live.

they performed the old stuff – the things that’ll break your heart, jump in sheer glee, wallow in hurt and pain – a musical roller coaster ride, of blinking lights, colors and fireworks streaking up the Santa Clara night sky.

the only let down was them not playing army of one – the beat, the words – it got to me much like Fix You or In My Place did – in a way where i can just break out in goose bumps or well my eyes up with tears.

when i got my wish – listening to Fix You live, i imagined months before the show that i’d probably be an emotional wreck – recalling all those moments when i had nothing but this song to count on to know exactly how i felt during the times that i turned to it for comfort and solace (shamelessly taking that line from KSE)

the rest of the night was a celebration – of dreams coming true. of wishing that the world was what we dreamed of to be. of love. of overcoming all that got in the way of love. of realizing the bitter truth that we are also part of what is wrong with the world. of realizing, at the same moment, that we are also the only capable ones of healing what is wrong with the world. of remembering where we were years ago and where we are now, and knowing the differences of feelings between then and now.

the realities of today’s world need more than music and love to get everything right, but we have, at the very least, a good starting point – a head full of dreams and a heart full of love.

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