nearly three years.

this has been the longest stretch i’ve been away from home. away from family. away from friends. away from the land of my birth, where I lived for 36 years before going away.

in some aspects, home has changed a lot. so many new places that were not there when we left. in all other aspects, things were either the same or worse.

it’s funny how people in our nation clamor for change, but refuse to change. a whole lot still break simple rules but whine when caught and asked to pay the price for disobedience. how ignoring simple rules is okay when no one is looking. how common decency is violated because of a continued focus on self than the greater good. how easily people can blame us those who leave seeking a much more manageable way of life than just accepting what those with money and power afford to those of us who have neither.

all i really hoped to come back to after keeping up with current events (to some extent) was for people to rally behind their choice of leader. now we are almost halfway through his term and here we are, still fighting the same battles, calling for the same heads to roll for some failure of oversight and the touted coming change remains in the ‘coming’ state.

i’ll always love my nation for being born here. i’ll always love the land, and those who i love left behind here. but as much as i don’t want to lose all hope, i don’t trust the people here anymore when they can’t even peddle something free as hope, discipline and love for country.

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