the dreaming

i’ll never see you again in the flesh, but i know i’ll see you in my dreams. and i’ve been hoping just to catch a glimpse of you in my dreams, just to see if you’re ever able to hear or listen to the things my heart wishes for.

and i did today, just for a moment. it seemed like a family dinner of sorts, and there you were, in a blue floral pajama top with a pink glove on your left hand, just looking pensive, even seeming to be just looking at what’s going on around you.

until i called for a waiter to ask for a drink. maybe for me. maybe for us.

then he started asking questions. what was this gathering for? what were we celebrating?

i did not remember what I answered, but suddenly he asked me who was it in the room who passed away? and then my look went to your direction and at the same time you slowly faded away (no, not like in The Avengers: Infinity War – please stop) and your seat at the table was empty. And right about then I slowly feel a tight embrace from behind. maybe it was the waiter trying to take me, or maybe it was you trying to protect me from anyway harmful.

when i woke, there was a smile in my lips. you knew what was in my heart.

because if there was one other place i knew where i could see you and still be alive. it was in dreams.

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