a tale of two cities

i live in neither of them; i think i live in the suburbs, because i think it feels like i’m in the suburbs.

i used to dream of living in them big cities, believing i was built for them, at least some part of me believed it. but when i got here, i guess i realized that i am older than how i feel.

then i realize, there may be two persons living within me – one made for the suburbs, while the other yearns to be in a big city, who has two more persons living within him – one who feels like he’s “The City” guy, while the other who’s work ethic and grit and hustle fits “The Town” more.

then i snap back into reality, and realize i’m happy where i am. happy to be just visiting, just driving by and soaking up the sights.

and the two cities are none the better for it, and not surprisingly, not for the worse for it.


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