Crater Lake National Park

Most parents say that taking a vacation with your baby is merely taking care of it in another place.

Sure, it was, but it does not mean you will not enjoy what you see.

We drove from the San Francisco Bay Area to Klamath Falls in Oregon. It took three or so stops, and spent around the whole day from 8:30am to around 5-ish in the afternoon. We stopped over at Redding to see the Sundial Bridge. A few more hours up the road and we saw Lake Siskiyou by Mt. Shasta City. Also, Vienna Teng was right in her song “Shasta” – Mt. Shasta explodes into your windshield view driving up the I-5, so we tried to find a good vista point to take photos. I wanted to stop over at Weed, CA, but I was the only one who really wanted to, so we trudged ahead. I saw a little bit of Castle Crags and wanted to stop too, but there was one single vista point and exit towards the state park, so once we missed it it was tough to try and go back to add another at least half hour to the drive, which can be a big difference when you have a year-old toddler in the back seat.

We went up to Crater Lake the following day. Mostly clear, it was a beautiful sight. I liked the view from The Watchman – the cascades over to the right of the view point, Wizard Island front and center. The lake’s waters weren’t still enough (boat tours caused the ripples on the water) to create perfect mirror images of the sky, but it was enough to see the clouds and the rim ridges form silhouettes on the water.

This trip is worth taking. The many, beautiful stops and views will provide the value of driving up all the way to Oregon to see this awesome national park that houses the deepest freshwater lake in the US. If you can stay till a clear, dimly moonlit summer night to see the stars and the galaxy do so. It can change your perspective about light and darkness.


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