Lunar Tears

“A Lunar Tear can make any wish come true.”

The scenery in Emil’s Memories was beautiful, but his dialogue in this scene was the one that hit hardest. In a room full of Lunar Tears, he reveals the rush of memories coming back to him triggered by the beauty of it. He recalls how he was designed to fight and kill enemies, and how he was copied over and over because of how well he did what he was designed to do. He starts to lament the fate that comes with duplication – the reality that as each iteration/generation was created, it diluted his essence – his memories. He became one of many, losing the identity, the individuality – the substance of what made him, him. It was, maybe, a general assessment of where we might be headed if we’re not careful – overusing creativity and efficiency at the cost of individuality, essence and substance, that we may end up wandering the desert but never finding the reason why we do.

Or, how we remember all the things that we don’t want to remember – what we need to do, what we need to keep going, but forget why we do them – out of love, out of sacrifice, until it all becomes just routine and do things for no reason altogether, forgetting the good that comes out of what we do.


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