Insta-DTBD Entry

You won’t remember it, but you’ve been here. You heard the waves come in through that narrow hole, and maybe felt the warmth not too common for this time of year. One day, you will come back here and feel like you’re home. And you won’t be wrong because it is. via Instagram

Insta-DTBD Entry

One day, you will see all this beauty with your own eyes. Maybe you’re hearing the cold breeze as it hits our cheeks. Maybe you’re hearing the waves crash on the rocks and the beach. So many maybes but the one thing I’m sure is you’ll love it the way we do. via Instagram

back at it.

so many reasons not to do this anymore, but only one really good one to do so – i have decided to turn this into my #dtbd – a place for my thoughts about something new, something great, something exciting!

my instagram feed ( will still be my main photoblog, and will soon be linking that to here via #IFTTT specifically via the #dtbd hashtag.

i know i’ve been silent here. if you’re still reading me, i don’t know if you’re in for a treat but there’s definitely some introspective stuff coming this year.


it’s been five months but i haven’t even had a slightest urge to update my blog. have i lost my internet voice? has life been that boring or busy that has caused me not to provide a single minute in the last five months to post even a single line?

no, no and no. i just think that ever since i’ve dabbled into and fallen in love with photoblogging, instagram was just the most logical choice to continue this journey. it was easier to find inspiration in photos, and use captions to post my reflections on the images i see.

also, this year has been one change after the other – a constant adjustment to deal with. not something unprecedented, but i never thought it’d be something i’d deal with again. nothing personal though, so it’s something that comes with the territory of working in the technology industry.

i can’t wait for the year to be over, so i can be pleasantly surprised by expecting the worst and then getting something better.

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“Pack yourself a toothbrush dear, pack yourself a favorite blouse. Take a withdrawal slip, take all of our savings out. Cause if we never leave this town, we might never make it out.” It has been two years since we left home and took on this challenge of moving across the Pacific. The road goes on, and it is waiting to be traveled on and so many uncertain things on the way to wherever we are going. But I’ll be fine as long as I’m with you @perpetuallybz
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