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“Pack yourself a toothbrush dear, pack yourself a favorite blouse. Take a withdrawal slip, take all of our savings out. Cause if we never leave this town, we might never make it out.” It has been two years since we left home and took on this challenge of moving across the Pacific. The road goes on, and it is waiting to be traveled on and so many uncertain things on the way to wherever we are going. But I’ll be fine as long as I’m with you @perpetuallybz
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Last Song Syndrome

There are songs that stay with you the moment you hear them. Sometimes, the way the song is sung gets to that part of us that needed soothing. In other cases, the words that we hear connects to our emotions at that moment.

In this case, the visuals of this song’s music video touched a corner of my heart that longed to venture of living on the road with my loved one. Of course, there is a question of practicality and being actually able to survive the uncertainty of such an adventure, but for a moment, that sense of adventure and romanticism was awakened.

In today’s world, sometimes that moment is all you need to feel real.
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on mothers, on mother’s day.

today is a day that gives us, children of our mothers, an opportunity for reflection. this does not mean that we don’t contemplate about these things on any given day – i really don’t on most days but i do find myself thinking about it from time to time, mostly in passing.

my mother, just like Kevin Durant said in his NBA MVP award acceptance speech, is the real MVP. i feel that i got the shots in life that i deserved because my mother set me up well for it – she made her sacrifices, leaving little for herself and dug herself deep into a lot of financially compromising decisions to give us the best possible chances to live a good life. it took a lot of discipline to deprive herself of a lot of comforts to give us the basics, and gave up a little more to extend a few luxuries here and there.

i wouldn’t know if this was the case for other children, but to be honest, when i got to that point where i felt a little accomplished enough to feel empowered to start living my life in my own terms, i made the mistake of not treating her right. i became somewhat overly assertive and defensive at different points in time. i began to be more critical and in some case outright harsh. disrespectful even. at this point, i knew i was ready to just live on my own and truly in my own terms, not even thinking about what it means for her or what problems living on her own may present.

i guess what sorted everything out in the end was having a family that cared to listen to both sides and work it out together. we talked and sorted things out – cleared up expectations and set boundaries. things got better, and though other rough patches showed up after i got married, the worst was through and we just rolled with the punches and got them sorted out.

i’ve been blessed to have had a lot of loving mother figures in my life, and while i’m thankful for having them at various points that i needed them, i will never be more thankful for what my mother has done for us, for all the physical and emotional pain that she has endured, which can only be driven by love. i pray that i am able to show that love and reflect it back, even if thousands of miles away separate us physically now.

happy mother’s day mom. you the real MVP.


It’s that time of year again, but honestly, I still am not over last year’s Golden State Warriors’ collapse and loss to the Cavaliers – I’ve never been this invested in a team before, maybe because I’ve only had to root for those teams without living in those cities. We’ve been blessed to have been given an opportunity to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has a bustling sports scene – two baseball teams (Oakland A’s, San Francisco Giants), two football teams (Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers), one basketball team (Golden State Warriors) one hockey team (San Jose Sharks) and a soccer team (San Jose Earthquakes).

2016 was tough on our teams – Warriors and Sharks lost their finals series, the Giants magical run of winning the World Series every even year since 2010 ended with a loss to eventual champion Chicago Cubs. The 49ers hit rock bottom and the Raiders lost their franchise QB to a broken leg two weeks before the NFL post season started and lost in their first playoff game without the leader that helped take them there.

Anyway, I guess it’s just time to buckle down and enjoy the playoffs – our home team is enjoying an unprecedentedly successful three year run, and hopefully this year will end on the highest of high notes.